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Nicholas Vroman

杉並区 166−0016
成田西 1−16−33
シテーフラト 浜田山 1F

Tokyo, Japan
Suginami-ku 166-0016
Narita Nishi 1-16-33
City Flat Hamadayama 1F

tel. 090.9144.1541



  1. Nicholas–

    It’s been a looong time since we’ve met. Last I heard from J. Pray you were living in Montana working an NPR radio show. Now I see you are busy in “City Flat Hamadayama 1F”

    Regards & very nice photo work.

    Frank Morant
    Infrastructure Network & Platform Implementation
    425-383-2621 desk
    206-465-0536 mobile

  2. Hi Nick,

    Long time in between chats. Last time I heard from you. You were in Montana. When did you go to Japan? My son would be so jealous, he wants to go there and see all of his friends he made while they were here in school. His girlfriend left to go home in October. Take care and I really like the photography.

    Wendy Miller (Mailmedia)

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